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Jessie Santiago


Born in Montreal, Canada and grew up in Evanston, Illinois.  Jessie has a BA degree in Fine Arts from Columbia College Chicago and MA degree in Education, Youth Development from the University of Illinois at Chicago.  Jessie has been producing video content and instructing video production for youth in various non-for-profit organizations for over 10 years.  He continues to freelance and collaborate with other media makers and businesses to create videos for personal and professional purposes.


Jessie Santiago / Producer, Videographer, Editor




Medical Assistance Program (MAP) is a non-profit organization that helps bring medicines to under resourced countries that need medical assistance. MAP's current goal is to reach another 1 million children in countries that need basic medical need.

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In collaboration with Chicago hip-hop artist Clew Rock and Chicago music production company Machine Wash. "Dopestetic" was produced in the summer of 2018 in Chicago, Illinois.

More information on Clew Rock & Machine Wash Music: Web: Instagram: @clewrock & @machinewashmusic Facebook page: Clew Rock | Machine Wash Music


Jessie Santiago has teamed up with Chicago comedian Mona Aburmishan in creating videos for her YouTube Channel. More info

Jessie's other passion outside of video production is martial arts.  He practices and teaches the Filipino Martial Arts in which he showcases them on his YouTube Channel and on his other website at

Jessie Santiago is also part-owner of FMA PULSE. A website promoting Filipino Martial Arts and its culture. More information at and check out more videos on their YouTube page.



Though I like to work with different types of businesses and artists, my services for video production is also my career.

- $175/hour for projects (planning, video production & editing)

For bigger scale projects, please email me directly.

(Serious inquiries only)